Meet the new star player of your eCommerce team.

With AI-powered content writing, we automate unique, dynamic, and high-quality eCommerce product & category descriptions in 110 languages.


Grow your online sales faster than ever before with our automated content creation.

Increase your SEO ranking, driving conversion rates up and bounce rates down! Publish highly relevant content immediately alongside product release - no more waiting for copywriters, editors, or translators.   

Save incredible time and money without losing your brand voice.

Our Natural Language Generation software automatically creates thousands of product and category descriptions that incorporate your preferred tonality and structure.

You won't believe the benefits!

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Unique Content

Highlight your most important product benefits automatically. Create more meaningful descriptions for customers- in virtually endless variations.


Enhanced SEO Relevance

Generate content that is SEO optimized for the right customers. Easily incorporate important keywords to get seen and boost dwell time.


Higher Conversions

Create highly customized content for the best user experience. Drive your bounce rate down and your successful sales up!


Huge Time Savings

Launch new collections instantly without having to wait for copywriters. We free employees from tedious work and have already saved over 3,800 annual working hours.

Dozens of eCommerce giants trust us

Join the community of customers already working with us and our partner AX Semantics to automate great content.

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Working with Xanevo has been such a pleasure - they are refreshingly customer-focused with a professional, efficient way of working and they deliver outstanding results. After just a short time, we now have the capability to automatically generate content for 33,000 products - it’s a total game changer.
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A content creation process 100% specified by you - for guaranteed uniqueness.

With our AI-assisted content writing solution, we hit the perfect sweet spot between manual writing and AI copywriting. This allows us to ensure the highest level of customization and efficiency.

Our first step in working with you is to build your customized profile of precise input on what brand voice, wording, structure, etc. to include.

A made-to-order foundational text is then written just for you by our professional editors and forms the basis of our text generation. Based on these customer-controlled specifications, our AI automation platform then writes 90% of the remaining text on its own.

Here lies the absolutely crucial distinction between our service and pure AI-based solutions. While fully AI-based solutions scrape data and texts from the internet at large, we build the groundwork of our automation with professional writers - yes, real humans - specifically from the requirements of the individual client.

Every. Single. Time.  

What does this mean for you? Your automation project is a completely new, custom-built content strategy with the essential framework prescribed by you. You won’t see the style and voice of your generated content elsewhere in a random corner of the internet. Our Natural Language Generation platform only steps in to automate the repetitive, cost-intensive, and time-consuming parts of content creation.

The result?

Guaranteed uniqueness, accuracy, and consistency delivered by your very own product descriptions tailor - with up to 80% time savings.

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Your automated product content in no time

Outsource cost-intensive and time-consuming content creation tasks with Xanevo. With input on your tone of voice, we implement our Natural Language Generation tool to create your marketing copy at the click of a button.

Prepare your product data

Need help with your data? No problem…

Highly converting automated product descriptions need a good informational foundation. Many customers simply export data from their PIM (Product Information Management). If that’s not possible for you, don’t worry - we help you enrich your existing data to first-class, ready-to-automate status.

Set up your guidelines

Guaranteed customization and exceptional quality...

We work with you to establish your desired structure, tonality, and any optimized keywords. Every brand is cared for individually, with a tailor-made profile built from your specific marketing requirements.

Watch the magic unfold

Sit back and relax as your content takes shape in front of you...

Our software generates thousands of unique, automated product descriptions personalized to your brand. Our Natural Language Generation technology paired with constant quality control from our professional writers consistently delivers outstanding accuracy.

Step 4

Instantly release thousands of fresh texts

Export your product descriptions directly to your online store...

Once your content has been created, exactly according to your needs, it is automatically imported to your PIM or CMS (Content Management System) via APIs. Watch your sales and marketing metrics transform and reap the benefits of your automated product descriptions!